Can the Ketogenic Lifestyle Help with Multiple Sclerosis?

As if we need another reason to consider the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle, a recent study suggests the ketogenic diet can help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).


The study included 65 people who suffered from a common type of MS that includes relapses and remissions, with participants following a strict ketogenic diet for 6 months. To ensure adherence, researchers measured their ketone levels, and the study saw an 83% compliance.


Quoted directly from the article (emphasis added). “Those who followed the diet had less body fat and showed about a 50% decline in fatigue and depression scores after six months. What’s more, their quality of life and mental health scores improved over the course of the study. They also performed better on tests measuring MS disability. Specifically, study patients walked an average of 1,631 feet on a six-minute walking test at the start of the study, compared to 1,733 feet after six months on a keto diet.

Importantly, and consistent with many other studies on the ketogenic lifestyle, the study participants experienced a reduction in body fat and saw their levels of inflammatory markers in their blood improved through the study period. While researchers are not sure exactly why the ketogenic diet had a positive effect on participants, they hypothesize a decrease in inflammation, a reduction in body fat, and a positive change in gut microbiome could be key contributors. More research is needed to confirm.