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Welcome! My name is James Stone and I am excited to help you “think different” about the intersection of business, organizational and personal wellness. I have created, developed, grown and reinvigorated some of the most iconic brands in the marketplace, many of which you can see below. On this blog I will share with you my over two decades of professional consumer products experience that has enabled me to be the architect of two, $2 Billion dollar brands; successfully deliver sales, profit and innovation growth in multiple categories and industries; and build highly effective and cohesive teams.

Exotic cars and American muscle cars, fast & powerful, are some of my true passions. I am student of performance driving, having had the experience to drive some of the most incredible road and track machines in the world on some legendary tracks. On the professional side, I brought award-winning brand, portfolio and innovation thought leadership to the automotive aftermarket industry, and have been a student of the global automotive industry. I will apply those successes & learnings as we look forward to ‘what’s next?’

Learning through reading is one thing, but there is no substitute for concrete engagement (ie, “walking in their shoes”) to gain a deep understanding and develop an appreciation. As a World War II history enthusiast I have spent much of my life walking the battlefields of Europe and studying the greatest conflict in human history, so I will share my historical perspective and how the strategies, tactics, innovation and the geo-politics of World War II are still incredibly applicable today. You might be surprised at how applicable war & battle studies are to business, and how small decisions can add up to glorious victories or colossal defeats. After all, those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it…

Lifelong learning & application. From an early age, I began to seek out more on the importance of health, nutrition and fitness. From attending bodybuilding camps in Los Angeles, to competing in natural bodybuilding shows, to researching the linkage between foods & diseases, to studying martial arts & yoga, to becoming a disciple of the ketogenic way of eating, through study, trial and error, I live and breathe a commitment to health and wellness in everything I do. I will be sharing hints, tips and trends that you can apply to help you achieve physical, mental and spiritual health. I will help you think about “food as fuel”; how focus & discipline can unleash your personal power and the positive energy of an organization; and how the intersection of mind/body/spirit can play considerably into your positive mindset as well as the culture of an organization.

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