Kroger’s 7 Food Trends for 2021

Kroger recently unveiled their top food trends for 2021, compiled by their culinary experiences team, product developers, chefs and innovators.


Holiday Snacking Help While most look forward to Christmas with anticipation and excitement, even the most jolly soul will admit the holidays are stressful. Managing the needs of work and personal commitments, attending parties, buying the "perfect" gifts, dealing with traffic & schedules, the threat of lousy weather, and the highs & lows of extended family time …

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Managing Lactose Intolerance

Would it surprise you to hear almost 2/3 of the world's population is deficient in the ability to digest lactose? After infancy, 65% of the world's population has some difficulty with lactose absorption, with the only group not having noticeable issues being those of Northern European descent. When you consume dairy products with the sugar …

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A Halo of Safety

This past weekend, fans of Formula One (F1) watched in horror as, on the starting lap, one of the drivers had a horrific crash that severed the car in two pieces. Romain Grosjean, in an attempt to improve his position, made contact with another car, which sent his car careening into a guardrail at over …

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