CVS Expands Health & Wellness

If you have been reading my blog, you know health & wellness is finding a rhythm behind generational interest in functionally beneficial solutions, the latest COVID-19 scare & associated health concerns, and the alarming increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease & obesity.

The Continued Evolution of CVS

CVS took a bold step several years ago, removing tobacco products from their stores, and their revamp of the in-store experience through offering medical advice & care to non-urgent or non-life threatening conditions has shown enough promise where they will be expanding this layout over the next few years.

Now, they are also recognizing the need to expand their private brand offerings, as we have seen from other retailers such as Target, Vitamin Shoppe and even What makes this expansion most relevant is how it positions CVS to be a leader in offering a unique set of services & products to support a healthy lifestyle. Think about it. Where else can you do the following in one, convenient location?

  1. Reserve and pick-up pharmacy prescriptions
  2. Walk-in and see a qualified medical professional to help diagnose non-urgent care situations or run routine check-ups/tests
  3. Purchase quality, trusted dietary, medicinal or supplemental solutions on-site

CVS recognized the need to become more than just a convenience store and they are well on that path behind their investment in health & wellness.