Five Leadership Styles: One Winner?

We’ve all seen different leadership styles. Some are power-hungry, some are dictatorial, some are scattered and some are focused on pleasing everyone. But is there really a “best” kind of leader? The short answer is yes, but let me explain. A great leader has to do three things:

  1. Recognize that part of your job is to train, coach, mentor and develop your people so that you become duplicative. Too often leaders make the wrong choices on people and initiatives to keep them in power, thinking this will “guarantee” them tenure. It doesn’t, and what happens is predictable. Great performers and high potentials leave, mediocre performers stay, and the results trend down.
  2. Realize leadership is not about you. Check your ego at the door and recognize your ability to impact a team and organization is built through understanding your team members, how they operate, what motivates them and how to connect with them. Once you build trust using various tools & techniques, egos can be pushed aside and the focus can shift to how to drive meaningful uniqueness and profitable growth.
  3. Remember, leadership is like a game of golf. You don’t use the same club on every swing in golf, do you? Same thing in leadership. Great leaders learn how to apply different interactions to different situations. This does NOT mean purposely being difficult just to prove a point. What it means is a leader who is always a Ruler will be limited in how successful s/he is because using the same “club” in every situation will have diminishing returns and alienate team members who respond to different interactions. Same thing with a leader who is always a Pleaser. But the leader who recognizes when to use the right club, and uses that club with the objective of teaching and elevating the team, will have no limits. The Elevate Leader