Follow The Science

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, one phrase we have heard over and over again is…”follow the science.” Whether it has been associated with mask wearing, social distancing, vaccine mandates or reopening schools and large venues, the mantra from the WHO (World Health Organization), the CDC and other governmental bodies has been “follow the science.” But do our actions support our “follow the science” doctrine?

COVID-19 Vaccine

First, let me state unequivocally that choosing to become vaccinated is a personal choice, and should not be mandated by any government or commercial enterprise. What should be provided, however, is the truth, so individuals can make good decisions with the counsel of their medical practitioner.

There is an enormous divide around COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the implication of not being vaccinated and placing others at risk, and the risk of not being vaccinated and being limited in what you can do or where you can do, even being fired from a job. It’s placing people in a very difficult position while taking a very draconian path without stopping and assessing the science. So, let’s review what we know:

The Science of Naturally Acquired Immunity

While the above information helps us understand issues and limitations of the vaccines, what it does not help us understand is whether those who have recovered from COVID-19 have natural immunity, and whether that natural immunity is effective?

The Brownstone Institute has compiled 91 research studies, across the world, that affirms natural acquired immunity to COVID-19. These are separate studies, across multiple populations, with hundreds of thousands of patients, including COVID-19 variants, and the results are extremely consistent: Naturally-acquired immunity to COVID-19 is AT LEAST as powerful as any vaccine, and in many cases, showcases an enhanced level of inoculation vs. vaccines.

So, if we really are “following the science”, then we need to ask some key questions:

  1. If there are 90+ studies that demonstrate the power of natural immunity, why are we making those who have legitimately had and recovered from COVID-19 get a vaccine?
  2. Why are we threatening populations with more lock-downs, school closures, travel restrictions, job losses and placing our global economy at risk if people don’t get vaccines, especially with the high recovery rates and the natural immunity that comes from having and recovered from COVID-19?
  3. Why haven’t we embraced a portfolio approach to treatment (including vaccines) to broadly include monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin and other “bridge” treatments that can help prevent severe symptoms and encourage recovery while generating natural immunity?
  4. Why are government bodies not being much more transparent about why people are at high risk for COVID-19, and the lifestyle changes they can make to reduce their risk factors?