What is Q5? Inquiring Marketers Should Know.


If you’ve been watching consumption behaviors over the last few years, there is a trend that every marketer needs to understand. We all know end-of-year budgets can be razor thin by December 26, but after Christmas there is a massive increase in purchase interest by a broad consumer base. Why?

  1. Disposable income. As gift cards, cash and returns take center stage, consumers suddenly have money to spend!
  2. Disposable time. So many people have time off, or see a slow-down in business during this last week, that time spent online increases dramatically. Visits to social media sites and shopping sites increase, deal hunting accelerates, and the idea of treating “the self” becomes more motivating as social media gift and experience shares multiply.
  3. Device Penetration. Christmas gifts are becoming more tied to the digital landscape through people and households expanding the number of connected devices, which makes online shopping, sharing and exploration easier.

As a marketer, you have to think strategically about your business, your end user behaviors and needs, and how your product or service can or should approach “Q5” as a catalyst for end-of-year sales. If you are marketing products/services that apply to the below criteria, you should think about how to maximize investment in Q5 to deliver a strong return:

  • Splurge. Expensive restaurants, concerts, enthusiast experiences and even last minute travel opportunities.
  • High aspirational scale. The person who’s been aspiring to the next iPad®, or an upgrade to a Tumi® bag or Tissot® watch now might have additional money to purchase.
  • Complete the year on a high note. Perhaps you can help a user complete a goal they set, a hobby they have been learning or a project that is 80% complete.
  • Early kick-start to the new year. Health & wellness goals are a great example.

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