Innovation Speed & Agility

Even those who don’t drink know the explosive growth of White Claw hard seltzer in 2019, which has taken the alcohol market by storm.

But it’s interesting to hear how A/B is accelerating innovation, almost at a frenetic pace, which is a “whip-saw” reaction to having your core business cannibalized by a new entrant or segment. Instead of being reactionary, be strategic! The insights around changing consumer tastes, especially among Gen Y and Gen Z are a good example of how important continued consumer research is in helping define changing trends and usage dynamics. In this example, understanding why Gen Y/Z are not drinking as much, and if they do drink, what they are looking for, will help A/B create a stronger pipeline of meaningful differentiation.

One thought on “Innovation Speed & Agility

  1. Brilliant the way you address the impact on Gen Y and Gen Z!
    Generation theory is a critical factor in consumer marketing today. Please continue references that relate to Generations!


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